About Us

The OTTM team is comprised of professional team members who’s number one mission is the success of our clients. Between data engineers, customer service, sales, and media buying, our culture is all about the client going over the top!

Our Vision

Our experienced team of media buyers and digital marketing specialist strive everyday to succeed for our clients. A combination of great ROI and amazing customer service is the mission of Over The Top. Our customer centric culture allows us to always do what is best for our clients.

Reach your audience to help your business grow.

Many of the largest advertising firms and agencies in the United States now use Over The Top Marketing as their exclusive OTT media purchasing agency. The reason for this is easy to understand: we provide competitive CPM rates and work in complete openness. Over The Top Marketing has become the "go to" OTT media buying agency for top advertisers and agencies around the United States. The reason is simple, we operate with full transparency and offer the best CPM rates. Contact us today to get a detailed plan for your company!

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